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Benefits of babywearing with Moby Wraps and baby carriers

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In this video the Mommy Talk Show guests share the safety benefits of babywearing, how it makes on-demand breastfeeding less of a headache and how a mom of two boys under the age of two can get more done by wearing the youngest boy. Even noted pediatrician, Dr. Sears and his …

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National Recognition for location sponsor: LearningRx Atlanta-Buckhead

When I work with family-friendly Atlanta businesses to sponsor the show, I do my best to connect you with companies that offer a product or service that’s healthy or  fun for your family, saves you time or money and teaches you something new. That’s definitely been the case from working …

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Simple ways to teach children to recycle and live green

Here are some simple ways the Mommy Talk Show guests say you can teach children to recycle and live green: Show children how to sort your household waste. Take them to a recycling center or landfill to explain where waste goes. When they ask a question about garbage or waste, …

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[VIDEO] Celebrities with ADD and ADHD

In this talk show webisode at LearningRx-Atlanta Buckead, the guests and a brain trainer list the celebrities with ADD and ADHD who are outspoken about it. Parents who find out their child has an ADD or ADHD diagnosis may wonder if their child can get good grades in school or …

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Best and worst breastfeeding advice

One of the first things I did after A.J. was born, was breastfeed him. I knew I wanted to breastfeed him exclusively for six months (check!) and continue breastfeeding for 12 months (done!). Here we are 19 months later and we are just now ending our breastfeeding experience. Along the …

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