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[VIDEO] Celebrities with ADD and ADHD

In this talk show webisode at LearningRx-Atlanta Buckead, the guests and a brain trainer list the celebrities with ADD and ADHD who are outspoken about it. Parents who find out their child has an ADD or ADHD diagnosis may wonder if their child can get good grades in school or …

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Best and worst breastfeeding advice

One of the first things I did after A.J. was born, was breastfeed him. I knew I wanted to breastfeed him exclusively for six months (check!) and continue breastfeeding for 12 months (done!). Here we are 19 months later and we are just now ending our breastfeeding experience. Along the …

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What are the symptoms of #mommy brain?

Between the sleep deprivation and new demands on your schedule, it’s no surprise if you have “mommy brain.” Common symptoms of “mommy brain” are: Forgetting WHY you walked into a room. Telling your child they would get a punishment, then forgetting what the punishment is. Driving around, then forgetting where …

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What kind of testing or evaluation is available at LearningRx Atlanta?

learningrx atlanta

LearningRx Atlanta-Buckhead wants to help you explore whether brain training would benefit you or your child. Maybe you’ve discussed their learning delays with your pediatrician or you’ve noticed learning differences like the ones discussed in this post: “What are the signs a toddler or pre-schooler may have #ADD #ADHD #learningdifference?” …

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