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(VIDEO): How to find a supportive group of moms

(VIDEO) How to find a supportive group of moms ~

If I could change one thing about my pregnancy experience, I would have tried to meet more moms while I was pregnant and get a support group in place. When I moved to Atlanta in May 2009, I was a newlywed in a new city. By July, we found out we were pregnant. I slept most of my first trimester and really didn't get out and socialize. Since I wasn't working, I also didn't get the chance to meet many new people. But if you're in a new city or among the first of your friends to get pregnant, you and your little one need to find a supportive group of moms and babies. Here are some really important links to meet moms wherever you are and here in Atlanta: Piedmont Hospital Classes

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(VIDEO): Why I created

Instead of Morning Joe/cup of coffee, I thought why not have Morning Josephine where I can talk to moms early in the morning while my son, A.J., is taking a nap. In this video, I talk about how I came up with the idea for

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