A New School Year Starts Here #KMartMartBackToSchool

This is a sponsored post. I am a Kmart blogger, though all opinions are my own.

Doesn’t it seem like every year your kids get busier and busier? In Atlanta, the summer goes by so quickly since the kids return to school in August!

As the years go by, activities get piled on and so do the expenses. Soccer, ballet & music classes aren’t free. Unfortunately, neither are school supplies.

With so much going on, your budget can get pulled in a lot of different directions. Fortunately, Kmart has savings on back to school so you can breathe easier. Pick up everything on their back to school shopping list from backpacks to gym shoes and the latest fall styles for less. The only question left is what will YOU do with the savings? I vote picking up something for yourself because it is a new year after all.

A New School Year Starts Here #KMartBackToSchool

See my son’s picture from the first day of school? He loves that backpack and it was a lovely gift from a close friend. It’s served its purpose for a few road trips. But now we need a larger backpack that fits his lunch and water bottle. His new preschool routine includes eating snack and lunch outside when the weather permits. To keep everything organized and clean, his new school asks that we get a large backpack that’s big enough for everything your child would need in a day.

A New School Year Starts Here #KMartBackToSchool

In A.J.’s case his backpack must be able to carry

  1. a change of clothes (shirt, pants and socks)
  2. an epi-pen for his allergies
  3. cleaning cloth and case for his glasses
  4. lunch and water bottle

Did your child need to replace backpacks and other school supplies this year?

Kmart sounds like a great place to shop for a larger backpack, a few pairs of 4T jeans for the fall and shoes for his growing feet!

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