2014 Holiday Gift Guide Guidelines & Sponsorship

2014 Holiday Gift Guide FB Cover

I’ve created four (4) convenient categories that will help moms imagine buying the same gifts for their family & friends.

Please do not submit your product/service if it is a multi-level marketing (MLM)

or direct selling business (Avon, Mary Kay, Pre-paid legal etc.)

2014 Holiday Gift Guide Categories


Yes, I’m 41 and I’ve shared my journey in videos, Twitter chats and a family-free vacation in #FiguringOut40LA. As a work at home married mom, I’m interested in reviewing products that meet the needs of a woman over 35. Skin care, spa/beauty, tech, cooking and time management products are welcome for consideration. Required value of review item: $75 or more

Little Learner

Our three and a half year old son, A.J. is an energetic little boy who loves to read. Tech for toddlers, books, personalized products and toys are among his favorites. Required value of review item: $50 or more

Hip Hubby

My 30 year old husband is the silent type. But he loves music, college football, food and fitness. He’s addicted to The Food Network, The Cooking Channel, Syfy Network, The Weather Channel and ESPN are his favorite networks to watch. If you’d like him to whip up an amazing meal using your brand’s cookware or utensils, we will consider it. Required value of review item: $75 or more

Time for Tech

Apps, speakers, and tech that will make the holiday a joy! Required value of review item: $40 or more

Treats for Teacher

Holidays are a great time to remember teachers and sitters who take care of our children year-round.  Required value of review item: $40 or more

Gifts that Give Back!

Contact Mommy Talk Show if your charity or non-profit creates gifts.

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Submit your product and information in the 2014 Holiday Gift Guide Submission Form.

2014 Gift Guide Guidelines

Your brand can be featured in the 2013 Holiday Gift Guide in a variety of ways.

  • Review & Giveaway: We will share our honest opinion about our experience using your product or service. We will alert you if we are not able to share a favorable review. Original photos, links to your website and one social media profile are included. Giveaways include a $50 fee for promotion.
  • Sponsored Video Review: Seeing is believing. Moms want to see how your products works. We can also showcase how well A.J. interacts with your tablet, app or interactive book. As an Emmy award-winning mom (with an Emmy award-winning husband), I’ll work with you on a professionally produced video review or web commercial you can also share on your social media profiles and website.

  • Sponsored Post: A sponsored post allows a brand or business to “call the shots” on the direction of their business profile story. Set the deadline and requirements you’d like.
  • Twitter Party: Would you like to go viral, have you own hashtag and get hundreds or  even thousands of people talking about your brand in an hour? Let’s throw a Twitter party to build the buzz. I’ll work with you to direct traffic to your website, fan page or e-mail sign-up list. My past twitter parties have trended nationally and launched thousands of retweets!
  • Instagram Campaign: I’ll share your product/message on my Instagram account and help you gain more followers.
  • Atlanta On-location Hosted Event: I’ll host an on-location event for Atlanta area moms and bloggers to tour your store, win prizes, shop exclusively and tell all their social media friends about you. It’s the original way I got Atlanta moms TALKING about family-friendly businesses.


Submit your product and information in the 2014 Holiday Gift Guide Submission Form.

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