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Get moms TALKING  about your family-friendly business, product or service!

Would you like more to

  • Shop at your Atlanta-area store?
  • Bring their children to your play space, school or medical office?
  • Take the cool classes you offer?
  • Use your convenient, affordable & fun product or service?

You’re in the right place to get your business featured on a parenting talk show

thousands of moms watch every month.

The average Mommy Talk Show viewer

  • is 30-44 years old
  • lives in the Atlanta metro area
  • has two or more children under the age of six
  • uses organic and all-natural products
  • stays at home or works from home

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What Mommy Talk Show offers:

2014 Holiday Gift Guide Feature

Professional Video Production

Twitter Party Host
Social Media Management
Blogger Campaigns (look below)
Brand Ambassadorships (look below)

Monthly Stats & Reach (as of November 3, 2014):

Facebook LIKES: 2,801 Monthly Page Views: 24,000
Facebook Friends: 2.066 Monthly Visits: 16,000
Twitter Followers: 9,130 Monthly Unique Visits: 8,000
RSS & e-newsletter subscribers:420 Klout Score: 70
Pinterest Followers: 1,807 Peer Index: 62
YouTube Subscribers: 418 Google Page Rank: 3
YouTube Video Views: 85,000+ Instagram Followers: 1,856


  • Invite an exclusive group of Atlanta moms on-location to your family-friendly business for a tour or demonstration. For example, an art school, play space, restaurant, or store would be the ideal place to host the show.
  • Mommy Talk Show host Joyce Brewer will give Atlanta moms an up close look at what you offer in person and in professionally produced online commercial that’s uploaded to YouTube, the world’s 2nd largest search engine.
  • Demonstrate your product, showcase your expertise or capture rave review from customers in your video, then use it on your website, in social media, e-newsletter and marketing materials.
  • Watch a webisode from the most recent talk show taping featuring HippoHopp Duluth, Atlanta’s premier indoor eco-friendly play space:


  • Seeing is believing! Let moms see how well your product works with a professionally produced product review video! Get the honest opinion of your product from an Emmy award-winning mom that’s featured in a video review. Then use the video on your website, e-newsletter and on social media to market your business.
  • Use the Mommy Talk Contact Page to get started!
  • Products tested and reviewed by MommyTalkShow.com will not be returned.


  • Sponsor a Facebook chat, Twitter chat or Twitter party where your brand answers’ moms FAQs about health, wellness, education or savings. Drive traffic to your website, e-newsletter list and other social media profiles.
  • #FiguringOut40 is an amazingly, interactive way to reach women 35+ who are focused on self-improvement, skin care/beauty and careers with a Facebook or Twitter chat.
  • Mommy Talk Show Twitter parties have trended nationally and resulted in thousands of tweets about a brand!

Trending Twitter Party Image & Purpose


I can organize a campaign to reach a wide range of bloggers or bloggers in a tailored niche (cooking, green, tech) to review your brand’s products or write sponsored posts.

I will create the messaging, select the bloggers and create a final report showing the reach of the campaign.

Contact Mommy Talk Show if you”d like to get moms TALKING about your family-friendly brand on social media.