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Watch all the webisodes sponsored by LearningRx Atlanta on #ADD #ADHD #mommybrain

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Thanks to the webisodes taped at LearningRx Atlanta-Buckhead we learned about everything from mommy brain to noticing your toddler’s learning delays. The nationally recognized brain training center provides one-on-one training to raise IQ’s while training the brain to work faster and smarter with guaranteed results. If you missed any of …

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Are you ever too old for brain training or to raise your IQ?

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For adults who received a late diagnosis of ADD, ADHD or a learning difference, it’s not to late to get help. Assistant Director Bryson may explains how LearningRx Atlanta-Buckhead works with everyone from pre-schoolers to senior citizens to make their brains’ work faster. Brain training exercises can even help moms, …

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