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Are you ever too old for brain training or to raise your IQ?

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For adults who received a late diagnosis of ADD, ADHD or a learning difference, it’s not to late to get help. Assistant Director Bryson may explains how LearningRx Atlanta-Buckhead works with everyone from pre-schoolers to senior citizens to make their brains’ work faster. Brain training exercises can even help moms, …

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What’s it like to get an ADD, ADHD or learning difference diagnosis for your child?

LearningRx Atlanta, ADD, ADHD, Autism, Learning Differences

Parents go through an array of emotions when their child is diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, autism or another learning difference. It’s normal to wonder how they’ll do in school or consider what options will help them be the best they can be. In this video, Cindy Pierson discusses how she …

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Meet the guests at LearningRx Atlanta-Buckhead

LearningRx Atlanta, cognitive learning, brain training, Atlanta autism

Meet an Atlanta mom and daughter who have seen a revolutionary change in their family thanks to LearningRx Atlanta-Buckhead. Cindy Pierson’s adopted son was referred to the cognitive learning center by a pediatrician because of his learning delays. He experienced such great results Pierson knew her teenage daughter would benefit …

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