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Is working from home the secret to coping with mommy guilt?

Our Mommy Talk Show guests are a mix of working and stay at home moms, but they share a common feeling: MOMMY GUILT! We discussed if working from home can be "the best of both worlds" and relieve the guilt. The short answer is NO. The longer answer and our opinions is in this webisode: Diane always thought she would be a stay at home mom. Instead, she's working full-time and running a small business. Karen is dealing with a new job and a longer commute. Thankfully, her husband has stepped up and taken on more of the child care duties. Maran recalls trying to work from home when her daughter was younger was extremely challenging.

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The 2011 Mom: Balancing household, hubby and the little ones

Our MommyTalkShow.com guests admit they're all struggling to find balance in their lives. Some of our secrets to getting work and household stuff done: Paying for someone to help us with household duties and organizing Getting work done in small time increments Don't sweat the "small stuff" like cleaning the back of the refigerator Diane says some things don't get done. She "wings it" and prioritizes so she can spend time with her husband and son. Maran agreed with Diane and said some things didn't get done. Karen is hiring a professional organizer and realizing she can't do everything on her own. She's also considering hiring a cleaning service since her new job also means a longer commute. Karen recommends hiring people to help you. I struggle as a stay at home mom to get work done before my husband goes to work or on weekends when my husband is home. I work in increments, even if it's 10 minutes of work.

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