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Ohio mom sentenced for sending kids to another school district

Ohio mother, Kelly Williams-Bolar, served one day of a ten day sentence for falsifying residency records so her daughters could attend a better school district. Her story is a huge controversy in education circles. It illustrates the lengths some parents will go to so their children can attend a preferred …

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Do webcams and cameras belong in the delivery room?

According to ABC News, Meritus Medical Center in Maryland will no longer allow delivery room pictures or videos until five minutes after the birth. Critics say it's because the hospital features the photographic evidence could be used in a lawsuit. Some parents are upset because they'll miss their child's first few moments of life. Here's the flip side. KSDK-TV reports that thanks to Skype and a laptop webcam an Airman based in Afghanistan got to see his wife deliver their son in an operating room in Missouri. Feel free to comment on where you stand. Do webcams and cameras belong in the delivery room? Are they a distraction to the medical staff?

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