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Thank you to the moms of the premiere

I’m almost at a loss for words to describe how much it’s helped me emotionally and professionally to produce this talk show. I must admit. I was in a bit of a “funk” before I came up with the idea for Mommy Talk Show. To go from being a “local …

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Why are we overprotective parents?

Piggybacking off our discussion about "What are your fears or concerns about hiring babysitters?," the Mommy Talk Show guests started debating if we are over-protective parents. Do our fears keep our children from playing outside or running free? Or in 2011, do parents have no other choice but to keep our children close to us as much as possible. Are children staying indoors and playing more video games because that's what they want to do or because we're afraid to let them explore the outdoors?

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What are your fears or concerns about hiring babysitters?

Gone are the days when grandparents live around the corner. Chances are you don’t live within walking distance to your close relatives. If you do, you’re extremely lucky to have “babysitters” who you can trust with your little ones when you’re out for date night or traveling for business. For …

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