August, 2017

  • 22 August

    My Two Favorite Business Takeaways from the #MotivatedMom Tour 

    Featured Joyce Brewer Motivated Mom Tour

    I’m an ambassador for the Motivated Mom Tour. The half day event goes across the country thanks to partnerships with Prudential, Hilton, BET,  Coca-Cola and more. It’s designed to give moms to the tools they need to be successful at home and work. Did you know Coca-Cola has a Women’s …

  • 19 August

    How I Pick Guilt-Free After School Snacks + Giveaway

    Guilt-Free After School Snacks

    At the end of the school day, when A.J. hops into my backseat from the carpool lane, he immediately tells me about his day. I get to hear about his specials like STEM or PE, along with the school’s special events. But within seconds or sometimes minutes, A.J. is asking …

  • 15 August

    What I Learned from Riding Roundtrip to Orlando with Someone I’d Never Met

    My husband looked at me like I’d just given birth to squirrels when I told him I was riding to Orlando with someone I’d never met in real life. “We’re bloggers. It’s how we roll,” I assured him. Little did I know that my soon-to-be-real life buddy, Charlotte, had a …

  • 9 August

    [VIDEO] “What He Can Expect When She’s NOT Expecting”

    Black Mom Breastfeeding

    One of the first pregnancy books I bought was What to Expect When You’re Expecting. It was the quintessential guide to pregnancy back in 2009 when I found out I had a bun in the oven right after we got married. What to Expect When You’re Expecting is a New York …

  • 7 August

    (VIDEO) Back to School Essentials for Asthma and Allergy Kids

    Featured Asthma and Allergy Kids

    Although I just filled a Wal-Mart shopping cart with school supplies for A.J.’s second grade needs, I was far from done with getting him ready for the academic year. As a food allergy and asthma family, we have to make sure all of A.J.’s medications are up-to-date and his school …