December, 2010

  • 15 December

    Save money on maternity clothes – Morning Josephine

    I saved money on maternity clothes by buying extra large sizes and leggings. In fact, I’m wearing one of my “maternity” sweaters for this episode of Morning Josephine. At least I can still incorporate it into my wardrobe nine months after I gave birth to A.J.!

  • 15 December

    Benefits of co-sleeping with your baby- Morning Josephine

    Thanks to co-sleeping with A.J. for his morning naps I’ve been much more energized and efficient this week. Oh and I realized AFTER I taped today’s Morning Josephine that I forgot to make my morning coffee. But I made up for it and enjoyed breakfast at IHOP with several cups …

  • 15 December

    ABC News: “Not Loving It: Mom Sues McDonald’s Over Happy Meals”

    A California mom is suing McDonald’s to get the company to remove Happy Meals from their menu or offer healthier options. In my opinion, it’s a stupid legal action. Parents control their children’s food intake. When I was growing up, eating at McDonald’s was a “treat,” not a requirement. I …

  • 12 December

    Video: How to Use Safety First Ultra Clear Outlet Plugs

    Keep your little on safe from electrical outlets┬áby watching my video review of the Safety First Ultra Clear Outlet Plugs.They are what I use in my home to keep A.J. from poking his fingers and other objects into the electrical outlets. provides this description: Safety 1st Ultra Clear Outlet …

  • 11 December

    Spend less on Christmas gifts when your children are young

    Baby’s first Christmas always seems to mean an immense amount of pressure for parents to buy lots of gifts, schedule elaborate holiday photos shoots and drive themselves crazy. This is A.J.’s first Christmas and I’m purposefully scaling back a bit. He doesn’t know that it’s Christmas or about the gift-giving …