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What is your Favorite Christmas Decoration Theme?

Although I don’t do a lot of Christmas decorations at our home besides a tree and maybe a stocking or two (if I’m feeling adventurous), I admire Christmas decorations in stores, public and others’ homes.  Problem is, we’re barely done with Halloween when marketers start promoting Christmas. But that’s another topic. To celebrate my Favorite Christmas Decoration Theme, I’m giving away a $25 Family Dollar gift card so you can shop for holiday gifts and more!

Share your Favorite Christmas Decoration Theme for a Chance to win $25 Family Dollar Gift Card ~ MommyTalkShow.com

Favorite Christmas Decoration Theme


Silver and gold are the most breathtaking Christmas decoration themes to me. I love the classic vibe. A mall or shopping center display with silver and gold always catch me attention. I stop and look at them all the time. I have a red bow with gold lining that I use on my Christmas tree every year.

Woman Unwrapping a Gift


I wish I’d be been better about this and ordered personalized ornaments and stockings for A.J.’s first Christmas. Ooops. I’ll see if he’d like some now. There are so many options for your family to order personalized wreaths, ornaments or whatever you desire. Where’s your favorite place to order personalized ornaments and decorations?


Last and definitely NOT least is the original reason for Christmas, Christ’s birth.


Santa & Reindeer

Santa, the second my famous guy this season, gets a lot of attention thanks to his trusty reindeer and their “overnight job” on Christmas eve. Santa decorations are fun and your children will love them.

A.J. & Santa 2013A.J. & Santa

 Anything and Everything

Remember that scene from Steel Magnolias where they light of Truvie’s patio  with Christmas decorate from anywhere and everywhere? The theme is – if it lights up, let’s celebrate it. Although, it’s not my absolute favorite and I wouldn’t create this theme myself, you gotta respect people who throw it all together and celebrate their eclectic decorations.


Enter to win a $25 Family Dollar Gift Card by November 22, 2014. All of the entries below are MANDATORY. Good luck!
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  1. I love the classic decoration theme.

  2. I put up all my angels in my living room.

  3. I put up all my angels throughout my house.

  4. My favorite Christmas Decoration Theme is any Nativity Scene!

  5. Favorite Christmas Decoration Theme: Nativity Scene

  6. Favorite Christmas Decoration Theme: Nativity Scene

  7. i love vintage 50’s decor

  8. i love Nativity Scene

  9. I do my tree with all homeaid decorations from the kids every year.

  10. My favorite is Nativity Scene

  11. Im Jewish. So my menorah! = )

  12. My favorite Christmas decoration theme is nature inspired…woodland animals, pinecones, natural wreaths etc…

  13. I love the nativity scene and I love to decorate the tree with lots of ornaments.

  14. I like themes with lots of silver and reds

  15. I like a theme with lots of silver and reds

  16. My Favorite Christmas Decoration Theme is red, green, silver and gold.

  17. I like electric….I don’t like themes.

  18. My favorite theme is simple. We put decor up of what our daughter has made, i love scented pinecones or cinnamon sticks

  19. i like to do silver and red

  20. i like to use silver and red mostly

  21. I usually do a change up on my decorations even if it’s for the tree.

  22. I love Snowmen

  23. Kimberly Flickinger

    I love the silver and light blue Christmas theme with a white Christmas tree.

  24. I like a lot of vintage decorations, and to have things very colorful.

  25. I really love Victorian Christmas Trees so I do a whole Victorian theme every year!

  26. I love nativities and vintage Christmas decor. 🙂

  27. I like every decoration especially snowmen and reindeer.

  28. I love snowmen and reindeer.

  29. Hello kitty themes

  30. My favorite Christmas Decoration Theme is any Nativity Scene

  31. I have always loved the traditional Nativity with Jesus in the Manger as well as thing’s a little more upbeat with mistletoe and most modern theme the kid’s like to try!

  32. My favorite theme is Santa Claus!

  33. My favorite decorations are wreaths.

  34. My favorite Christmas decorations are the ones I have saved over the years that my children made every year.

  35. I love all the stars. they are really colorful.

  36. I love blue and white together!! Snowflakes everywhere!

  37. Missy Bates-Roberts

    I love white, silver and blue decorated trees!

  38. I really love snowmen as a theme.

  39. I love snowmen at Christmas.

  40. I like snowmen at Christmas.

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