[VIDEO] 10 Blogging and Business Lessons Learned from #TypeACon #Blogalicious5

My mind has been on overload because for the last three weekends I’ve been attending conferences and events. Two national blogging conferences #TypeACon and #Blogalicious5 were in Atlanta. I wanted to share this video: 10 Blogging and Business Lessons I learned that would be useful whether you’re a blogger, work at home mom or aspiring to work for yourself. Plus if you attended one of the events, link up your wrap or review below:

1. Be honest and go back to the original reason you started your blog or business. Blog or write about what you’re passionate about or pissed off about. The competition and drive for sponsored posts shouldn’t be your only motivation.

2. Relationships make all the difference. The people who are selected for campaigns, opportunities and contracts usually have a relationship with the decision maker.

3. Getting paid is great short-term. Being respected is better long-term.

4. It’s OK to be multi-passionate. So often we hear about the benefits of being a niche blogger. But it’s OK to mix things up once in awhile. Yes, I’m a blogger. But I also produce professional videos for clients and manage social media. One doesn’t have to be exclusive of the other.

5. Work with your strengths. No one is a better you – than you. I’m not the funniest mom or the “frugalest” mom. But I’ve got an Emmy award, hot husband (who also has an Emmy) and a cute kid. Some brand or business is looking for me and maybe you too.

6. Write balanced reviews. Tell the good, bad and the ugly. I’m most proud of my reviews of L’Oreal BB Cream and the Doc McStuffins Atlanta event because I didn’t have the best experience. But I found balance by sharing other bloggers’ experiences and offering suggestions to improve the event. Thanks to the #DocMobile review, I also got a reply from Disney Jr. that they’d taken my observations under consideration.

7. Short and sweet may be better than long and drawn out, especially when it comes to video. I’ve done a few Mommy Talk Show Instagram videos (that are 15 seconds) and plan to attempt some with Vine (6 seconds).

8. Compete with yourself and no one else. I repeatCompete with yourself and no one else.

9. Know your worth and ask for what you need. Several bloggers spoke of asking for double their usual rate and the answer was overwhelmingly, “Sure.”

10. The fortune is in the follow-up. Email, call and tweet the bloggers, brands or business connections you met.

Comment below: Did you attend #TypeACon or #Blogalicious5? Share your recap or review links below!

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VIDEO: 10 Blogging and Business Lessons Learned from #TypeACon #Blogalicious5

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  1. LaShawn
    Twitter: Rosesdaughter

    I really wanted to do to Type A and I might be able to go next year since it’s coming back to Atlanta next year!!! i learned so much from Blogalicious this year! I am so fired up about my blog and about getting my blog out there! Because we are our brands! Like you said, I’m not the funniest, I don’t know the most about mommy stuff or crafting. But I am a great photographer, I have an adorable son and a cute hubby who lets me take photos of him every once in a while! there has to be a brand out there who wants that right? LOL
    LaShawn recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: The Pumpkin Patch


  2. So many great tips here! Great things to learn. They are all a MUST in this business.
    Amber Edwards recently posted..Best Deodorant for Women Dove Clear Tone, Say Goodbye to Irritated underarms


  3. These are amazing tips and definitely good lessons to learn. Thanks for sharing the wisdom!


  4. These are great tips! I’m so sad that I didn’t make it to TypeACon so thanks for sharing a little piece of it with me!
    Jeannette recently posted..What My Shoes Say About Me and Learning to Laugh at Motherhood #MotherFunny #cbias


  5. Knowing your worth is great advice and something I had a hard time remembering in the past.
    Ellen Christian recently posted..How To Avoid Underarm Irritation


  6. Kesha Brown
    Twitter: uncommonchick

    At first I was counting which ones are my favorites…1, 2, 3…and got all the way to 10. So there. :) These are all very, very, very valuable lessons for us in this blogging world. If nothing else, it’s ALL about relationships. If you master that one piece, you got 85% of the game right there! :-)

    It was great to see ya boo – as always!!!
    Kesha Brown recently posted..Stopping The Bully Who Lives Within


  7. I had a great time at Type A this year and learned tons of great stuff. Now to find time to work on it all! Thanks for sharing what you learned!
    diane recently posted..What’s Cooking Wednesday Recipe Linky


  8. Kimberly
    Twitter: kmurrayphoto

    Great tips! I was kicking myself for not going to Blogalicious this year. I will have to keep circling back to this post for reminders on what to work on next.
    Kimberly recently posted..Wordless Wednesday: Sisters


  9. I didn’t get to attend either event, but I did learn I have something to contribute to the blogging community. Blogalicious5 published my ebook. Very huge and showed me a lot about myself and what I know about writing and blogging.


    You are right. Going back to why you started definitely helps when you lose your way. Glad you had fun.


  10. Fabulous recap! So well spoken! :)
    Lindsey recently posted..WW: Red & Grandaddy T’s Toys


  11. I really enjoyed these tips. The relationship part is what I have been focusing on lately. It has really helped me.


  12. Thanks for the great tips. I will be implementing them one by one.


  13. What a great recap! Hoping that I will make it to the next ones. I love points # 5, 8 and 10


  14. Katherine G
    Twitter: KGLalalandmommy

    Wow!! This is a great list of advice. I will definitely be applying it.
    Katherine G recently posted..Random Thoughts: Does The Age You Get Married Define Your Relationship In Some Way?


  15. I love number 8. It can be tempting to compare ourselves and our worth to what other folks are doing, especially after we see them at conferences. The thing is, we should be motivated by them, but still recognize that their story is not our story. This list was perfect, and it was AMAZING seeing you in person!
    Brandi recently posted..Maybe It’s You


  16. MELISASource
    Twitter: MELISASource

    Some very valuable lessons here — thanks for sharing with us!
    MELISASource recently posted..Eclos Skin Care Review And The Dare To Go Bare 2 Week Challenge


  17. These are some great tips! I wish more conference attendees could read your tips. Thanks Joyce for writing this post!
    Pamela King recently posted..Scandal Returns with Lies, Wine, and Death



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